Repairs and manufacturing of new mechanical seals

INDUSERV 24 provides professional repairs and restoration of mechanical seals and agitators, irrespective of their use or type. We repair equipment from all major manufacturers, including seals designed to operate in the food and pharmaceutical industries. For repairs of equipment in these sectors we issue declarations of safety according to the FDA.

We offer professional consultation services and implement structural improvements to address persistent problems encountered in existing seals. We also produce atypical mechanical seals, taking into account operational specifications, exactly according to the customer’s criteria.

Our staff’s personalised approach, flexibility and expertise are the key to fast and cost effective repairs of mechanical seals.

Contact us to arrange a meeting free of any obligations.

In about 20 minutes, we will present our repair methods and provide information about the time required for the repair, the materials to be used and pricing. We will present samples of our work and discuss possible solutions according to your specific requirements.